fuck no, they shoulnt even be doing them. are they under the influence/going through withdrawl durning the race? no? then stay the fuck out of their lives, its none of your goddamn business. this shit just bring every company one step closer to testing all of us. » 2/11/13 12:14am 2/11/13 12:14am

the ultimate car for a zombie apocalypse is a corvair. with the engine in the back, you have more weight over your drive wheels. you dont have to worry about damaging the engine. your car handles better because the engine offsets weight of the push bumper in the front. you have more room to weld/mod the front. » 2/10/13 5:43pm 2/10/13 5:43pm

if he doesn't do this some rich bitch with a silver spoon shoved strait up he ass will got out of her bmw after parking like true asshat, dent the hell out of the ASTON MARTIN, scratch the paint, and not even notice because shes late for her nail job while on the phone with some other skank, talking about how she… » 2/09/13 12:57am 2/09/13 12:57am

everyone bitching about bad drivers should come to winnipeg, MB. signals? dont need em. headlights? one's fine. slow drivers? left lane of course. that upside down triangle means stop, right? 9 foot wide streets aren't wide enough, ill just take up TWO FREAKING LANES! is that and old man going 10 under? ill pull up… » 2/09/13 12:31am 2/09/13 12:31am